August 6 “God Wrestles” (Genesis 32:22-32)

 In Genesis there is a story about how the patriarch Jacob wrestled an angel that turned out to be God himself.  It can seem like an odd story until we consider those times in our own lives when we’ve asked that hard question: “Why, God?”  During his wrestling match Jacob discovers that God’s love will wrestles us to prepare us to receive more blessing in our lives.  The wrestling may not be easy, but God always wrestles for us, never against us.


June 11 “Sing with Me: The Bible’s First Song”

There’s something about music.  For almost everyone, singer or not, music has the ability to move us in a variety of directions.  From the beginning of God’s story with humanity music has been a significant part of worship.  After one of God’s first major works of rescue – the Israelite’s exodus from Egypt – the first response of God’s people is to sing.  When we sing our hearts are lifted up to God, truth is planted in our hearts and we are united with one another.


April 16 “The One Place Jesus Isn’t” (Matthew 28:1-20) [Easter Sunday]

The repeated assignment of Matthew’s Easter story is “Go and you will see!”  When Jesus rises from the dead he seems to be almost everywhere – except one place.  The tomb where everyone expected him to be!  For us the Easter assignment still remains, to go follow Jesus outside of the typical “religious” walls and see him at work where we don’t expect!


April 13 “In Memory of Her” (Matthew 26:6-13) [Maundy Thursday]

“Wherever the gospel is proclaimed throughout the world what this woman has done will be told in memory of her.”  This is the incredible promise that Jesus gave to an anonymous woman who did an extravagant thing – pouring an entire bottle of expensive ointment over Jesus’ head as a sign of love.  Some brief meditation on this woman’s deep love for Jesus helps prepare our hearts for not just observing but experiencing the Passion of our Savior.


April 9 “A Good Excuse to Party” (Matthew 21:1-17) [Palm Sunday]

When Jesus fulfills Israel’s ancient promise of a savior king by riding into Jerusalem on a donkey it’s no wonder a party broke out.  However, within 100 hours this same king was in big trouble for disrupting the status quo at Israel’s temple.  To this day Palm Sunday is worth celebrating – Jesus is King!  But in Holy Week and our own lives where on it’s worth asking: Do we want a king or just a good excuse to party?


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