November 12 “The Ready” (Matthew 25:1-12)

When it comes to being a disciple of Jesus there is a difference between The Willing and The Ready.  In his parable of the Wise & Foolish Virgins Jesus describes readiness not only for his ultimate return to earth, but also for the ordinary, subtle appearances that Jesus makes every day.  Are you ready to get to know him better today?


November 5 “I Can’t Save You” (Matthew 23:1-12)

It’s easy to hate hypocrisy.  Who doesn’t cheer Jesus on when he calls out corrupt scribes and Pharisees who make faith about themselves rather than God?  But it also can be worth asking: How are hypocrites made?  In his teaching against hypocrisy Jesus warns about the way we at times contribute by putting people on pedestals and expecting someone else to do our faith for us.



October 29 “Does Martin Still Matter?” (Galatians 2:16,19-20)

When 500 years has passed since his life and work as a reformer in medieval Germany it seems to be worth asking: Does Martin Luther still matter to Christians today?  500 years is a lot of time for things to change!  And yet, one of the reason Martin Luther’s story and message are so enduring is because the ultimate question of Martin’s life was also a fundamental foundation of our faith – How do I know I am ok (justified) with God?  Martin Luther’s breakthrough on that question is one that still can inspire and guide us today.


October 22 “Imperfect Conditions” (Matthew 22:15-22)

How many times is it tempting as a Christian to say something like, “God as soon as [blank] happens, then I’ll be ready to pursue my faith?”  Sometimes it seems like we need to wait to obey Christ until the conditions are better.  When Jesus was questioned by opponents about the sticky question of paying taxes to an ungodly empire he stood his ground on an important truth: God is not limited by circumstance.  God does his best work even in imperfect conditions!  Nothing can prevent us from knowing and following God today!


October 8 “Simply Christian: Chosen Israel” (Genesis 17:1-8)

When we talk about the core of our Christian faith according to Jesus it has more to it than just the feelings in our hearts.  Jesus also teaches that love for God involves the information we have in our minds. If God is out to rescue his creation then, as Christians, it’s important to know the story of what God has accomplished so far.  For Christians, that story begins with chosen Israel – a group of people that God selected to prove his trustworthiness to for all the world to see.  (Sermon Q&A Follows the Message)


October 1 “What You Don’t Think You Can Do” (Exodus 3:1-18)

An early morning walk calls for a different Sunday message.  There are times when God calls us to do what we think we can’t (or we’d rather not) do.  When God calls Moses to lead the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt Moses is convinced he can’t do it.  What God reveals in response is a power and loving commitment that far outweighs any human inadequacy.  Nothing builds trust in God like doing what you don’t think you can do.


September 24 “Simply Christian: The Need for No” (Genesis 3:1-24)

The greatest test of love for God is trust.  Genesis 3 describes God’s boundary around The Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil that reminds us of the boundaries that God sets for all good things in our lives.  Like us, Adam and Eve succomb to sin out of a lack of trust for God, making the whole Christian story that follows one about restoring trust.  (Sermon Q&A Follows the Message)


September 17 “Simply Christian: Made to Say Yes” (Genesis 2:15-25)

Genesis says that God did not create humans to keep them all to himself.  The design of God’s generous love has created in us a longing to say Yes to one another in relationships.  As early as the story of Adam and Eve God has clearly indicated that loving God means loving his family.
Sermon Qs – Genesis ii 15-25


September 10 “Simply Christian: The ‘Go’ in Our Spirits” (Genesis 1:26-31)

Another way that God has designed us to share our love with him is the way in which God made human beings “in his image”.  God’s image has nothing to do with the shape or color or abilities of our body, but instead the uniquely human way that we can spiritually connect with God and find our purpose is acting like God does.
Sermon Qs – Genesis i 26-31


September 3 “Simply Christian: The Wow of Creation” (Genesis 1:1-5)

How do we know if we are loving God deeply from our heart?  From our human relationships we learn that the people we love most are often the ones we share our deepest selves with.  The opening chapters of the Bible, in the Book of Genesis, describe human experiences that all of us long for in one way or another – for instance, the Wow of creation.  What Genesis also teaches is that God has designed each of these longings to be ultimately shared with him.


August 27 “Simply Christian: No Greater Commandment” (Mark 12:28-34)

Jesus was once asked a very simple question by a brilliant Jewish law teacher: “What is the greatest commandment?”  In other words, “What does God say is the single most important thing a human being can do with her life?”  Jesus’ response was equally simple: “Love God with all of you, and love your neighbor as yourself.”  With this message we begin a sermon series called Simply Christian which examines who Christians uniquely pursue this goal through what we value, think and do.


August 6 “God Wrestles” (Genesis 32:22-32)

 In Genesis there is a story about how the patriarch Jacob wrestled an angel that turned out to be God himself.  It can seem like an odd story until we consider those times in our own lives when we’ve asked that hard question: “Why, God?”  During his wrestling match Jacob discovers that God’s love will wrestles us to prepare us to receive more blessing in our lives.  The wrestling may not be easy, but God always wrestles for us, never against us.


June 11 “Sing with Me: The Bible’s First Song”

There’s something about music.  For almost everyone, singer or not, music has the ability to move us in a variety of directions.  From the beginning of God’s story with humanity music has been a significant part of worship.  After one of God’s first major works of rescue – the Israelite’s exodus from Egypt – the first response of God’s people is to sing.  When we sing our hearts are lifted up to God, truth is planted in our hearts and we are united with one another.


April 16 “The One Place Jesus Isn’t” (Matthew 28:1-20) [Easter Sunday]

The repeated assignment of Matthew’s Easter story is “Go and you will see!”  When Jesus rises from the dead he seems to be almost everywhere – except one place.  The tomb where everyone expected him to be!  For us the Easter assignment still remains, to go follow Jesus outside of the typical “religious” walls and see him at work where we don’t expect!


April 13 “In Memory of Her” (Matthew 26:6-13) [Maundy Thursday]

“Wherever the gospel is proclaimed throughout the world what this woman has done will be told in memory of her.”  This is the incredible promise that Jesus gave to an anonymous woman who did an extravagant thing – pouring an entire bottle of expensive ointment over Jesus’ head as a sign of love.  Some brief meditation on this woman’s deep love for Jesus helps prepare our hearts for not just observing but experiencing the Passion of our Savior.


April 9 “A Good Excuse to Party” (Matthew 21:1-17) [Palm Sunday]

When Jesus fulfills Israel’s ancient promise of a savior king by riding into Jerusalem on a donkey it’s no wonder a party broke out.  However, within 100 hours this same king was in big trouble for disrupting the status quo at Israel’s temple.  To this day Palm Sunday is worth celebrating – Jesus is King!  But in Holy Week and our own lives where on it’s worth asking: Do we want a king or just a good excuse to party?


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